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    • (1) midst-table-oak-grey-120-cover-armchair-top-pendant-28-dark-green-silent-vase-clear-20-wave-tray-muuto-org
    • (2) cover-armchair-dark-beige-refine-leather-stone-70-70-solid-oak-sand-255-cm-strand-45-kink-dusty-lilac-flow-trolley-dots-alu-2-org
    • (3) cover-armchair-dark-beige-refine-leather-stone-70-70-solid-oak-sand-255-cm-strand-45-kink-dusty-lilac-flow-trolley-dots-alu-org
    • (4) cover-armchair-dark-beige-refine-leather-stone-70-70-solid-oak-corky-org
    • (5) cover-armchair-stained-dark-brown-70-70-table-sand-strand-pendant-closed-60-flow-trolley-2-layer-grey-muuto-2
    • (6) Cover_Grey_Upholstery
    • (7) Cover-chair-7070-table-grain-pendant-lamp-corky
    • (8) attach-coat-hook-cover-chair-restore-ply-rug-muuto-org_V2
    • (9) Cover-chair-black-refine-leather-still-table-outline-studio-sh45-twill-weave-620-strand-pendant-muuto-org
    • (10) relevo-rug-dark-green-sage-green-burnt-orange-170x240-cover-lounge-dark-beige-muuto-org
    • (11) cover-armchair-stained-dark-brown-70-70-table-sand-strand-pendant-closed-60-flow-trolley-2-layer-grey-muuto-org
    • (12) BaseTable_NerdChair_VisuChair_CoverChair_AmbitLamp_Stacked_med-res1
    • (13) Still-table-black-cover-armchair-black-refine-outline-studio-sh45-twill-weave-620-strand-pendant-muuto-org
    Referencing the values of honest craftsmanship and Scandinavian materiality, the Cover Armchair is an elegant perspective on the timeless wooden armchair. With its curved backrest and folded armrest covers, the Cover Armchair explores the possibilities of wooden veneer, paired with a deep comfort, modern expression and base in solid wood. Echoing the seamless appearance of the chair, it features no visible screws for a simple touch. Use the Cover Armchair in the living room, hallway or bedroom of the home as well as in restaurants, canteens, educational institutions, workplaces and more. The Cover Series without upholstery is EU Ecolabel Certified. By carrying the EU Ecolabel Certification, the product is guaranteed to have a reduced environmental impact throughout the total lifecycle of the product from raw material to disposal.


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