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    new perspectives on scandinavian design

    we have built unique experiences adapted to your exact needs. Whether you want to learn more about Muuto, shop our designs or are an architect or designer looking for inspiration from our tailored toolbox.

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    Want to create your very own Muuto design, tailored to your individual taste, space and project?

    With our Product Configurator, you can! 

    From a Fiber Armchair with a boldly orange textile seat to the Outline Sofa in a refined leather upholstery, our Product Configurator allows you to get playful and explore more than 100.000 combinations of colors alongside textile and leather upholsteries across our entire range of sofas as well as selected chairs and tables.

    See your configurations apply in an instant, meaning that you can browse through the (almost) infinite opportunities of the Product Configurator and decide on the various elements on-the-go, tweaking and adjusting to your exact preferences.

    Make our designs truly yours by creating your own perspective.

    create your perspectives now

    How it works in 3 simple steps

    STEP 1

    Enter the product page of the design that you would like to customize and click "Configure".

    STEP 2

    Tailor the design to your individual space and taste by getting creative with different finishes, colors, textiles and leather upholsteries, allowing for you to configure the desired combination for your home or project.

    STEP 3

    Get up-close and personal with the details and surface finishes throughout your configuration by using the zoom function. You can also turn your design 360 degrees to see it from all angles.

    Oh, and want to save the design as an image? Simply right-click on the configuration and hit save.

    Customized inspiration

    • outline-3-seater-beige-refine-leather-studio-chair-twill-weave-990-workshop-table-post-lamp-ply-muuto-muuto-org
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