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    Intuitively, we all know the feeling of entering a room and immediately feeling at ease or stimulated. That interacting with elements of design—be it sensations of light, color, or texture—can trigger emotions and spark a dynamic interplay of  neurotransmitters in our brains. This process can shape our feelings, thinking and behavior. There is more to design than meets the eye.

    The impact of neuroaesthetics on design and spaces

    Neuroaesthetics is about mind-body connection: a scientific discipline that explores and measures how creative expression makes an impact on us. It gives a deeper understanding of the way art, design, and architecture activate our senses and stimulate our sense of well-being. Understanding how we respond to different spaces allows us to better discern the connection between body, mind, and design.

    “When you have heightened aesthetic experiences... They change you. They change your biology. They change your mood. They change you emotion”.

    Susan Magsamen

    exploring design's impact on our biology

    We have explored design’s potential for producing well-being through our longstanding collaboration with Susan Magsamen, executive director of the International Arts + Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins University. This journey began with our exhibition at Milan Design Week already back in 2019 and has since inspired us to create more intentional objects and spaces.

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    muuto We hope our approach will inspire you to reflect on your surroundings. As you browse through our universe, let our pictures and words inspire you—and encourage you to create spaces that feel just right.

    creating intentional spaces

    It all has to do with the space and intention: what kind of setting are we trying to create? And what should it make us feel? Taking cues from the field of neuroaesthetics enables us to make more informed decisions when designing a space, tailored to the people using it and the activities that take place. It allows us to create intentional spaces that change according to user and need, all while promoting well-being.


    read more on our work with neuroaesthetics

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