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    • (1) oslo-lounge-chair-tube-grey-vidar-146-soft-side-45x45-Ø48-h-40-smoked-oak-black-framed-mirror-rose-rime-wall-grey-org
    • (2) oslo-lounge-chair-tube-base-grey-vidar-146-soft-side-45x45-smoked-oak-black-org
    • (3) oslo-lounge-chair-tube-grey-vidar-146-soft-side-45x45-Ø48-h-40-smoked-oak-black-framed-mirror-rose-rime-wall-grey-wide-org
    • (4) oslo-lounge-chair-tube-base-grey-vidar-146-soft-side-45x45-smoked-oak-black-ridge-16-5-terracotta-raise-carafe-clear-pebble-rug-burnt-orange-org
    • (5) Oslo-lounge-chair-swivel-grey-colline-737-detail-3-Muuto-5000x5000-hi-res-CB
    Marrying its compact design with comfort and elegance, the Oslo Lounge Chair offers an inviting and dynamic seat with a classic yet distinctly modern expression. A low and deep shell is elevated by an embracing back that envelopes and supports. The combination of sculptural qualities and a distinctly functional design makes it an ideal piece for the contemporary home and public spaces alike. The Tube base gives the chair a light expression with its slender contrast to the substantial molded seat.


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