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    • (1) doze-lounge-chair-low-back-ottoman-swivel-hearth-7-grey-stacked-bookcase-1-oak-relevo-burnt-orange-post-brown-green-muuto-org
    • (2) doze-lounge-chair-ottoman-forest-nap-512-chrome-strand-lamp-closed-ridge-vase-pebble-rug-muuto-org
    • (3) doze-lounge-chair-ottoman-balder-782-chrome-leaf-lamp-ridge-vase-muuto-org
    • (4) Doze-ottoman-balder-782-chrome-Muuto-5000x5000-hi-res-cb
    • (5) Doze-lounge-chair-ottoman-refine-leather-cognac-anthracite-black-Muuto-5000x5000-hi-res
    Designed with extensive comfort and a modern expression through the vibrant lines and folds of its back and armrests along with an embracing seat, the Doze Lounge Chair joins together the ideas of Scandinavian design with the lines’ of 1970's furniture for a contemporary perspective on the archetypal lounge chair. Use the Doze Lounge Chair on its own or with the Doze Ottoman.


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