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    Exploring Our New Chicago Showroom

    Bringing our new perspectives on Scandinavian design to North America with our Chicago showroom, located in the city's Fulton Market district! Scroll through below to explore the various areas of our new space.

    To us, first impressions matter. When entering the Muuto universe, we wanted to give visitors an intuitively welcoming feeling through shapes and colors in a lounging area.

    Cue the Oslo Sofa Series—characterized by its sculpturally modern lines and deep comfort, the design makes for a refined yet vibrant expression, placed under a sky of E27 Pendant Lamps, echoing the lush green sentiment of the setting.

    Wanting to show how our designs meet the ever-changing needs of modern workplaces and public environments, the Chicago Showroom seeks to explore how design can at once be timelessly modern and inherently functional, allowing it to complement any area of the modern workplace.

    Here, the Fiber Side Chair brings an elegant touch to a work setting through its Stone Refine Leather upholstery and added functionality through its Swivel Base w. Castors & Gas Lift.

    Striving to show how our new perspectives on Scandinavian design complement any area in the modern workplace, our new Chicago Showroom features café-like settings that bring an inviting touch of hospitality design into the workday. Here, the designs of our Nerd Bar Stool, Fiber Side Chair and Still Café Table set the scene for informal meetings and mid-day breaks.

    Formal meeting scenery of the Fiber Armchair, upholstered in the elegant Cognac Refine Leather, and 70/70 Table. Hanging above the setting is the Under The Bell Pendant Lamp, designed by Iskos-Berlin. Made in a tactile felt that uses fibers from recycled PET bottles, the design enhances the acoustics of the space through its soft material while sheltering the conversation below.

    With its soft, deep seat and clean refined lines, the Outline Highback Sofa creates private spheres within larger spaces, providing shelter for conversation and collaboration throughout the workday.

    Here, the Outline Highback Sofa is joined by the Relate Side Table, our first-ever collaboration with Swiss design studio Big-Game. Have a seat in the sofa and pull up the table to any sofa setting at your desired angle for a temporary work station.

    Collaborative meeting areas of the Fiber Side Chair with Swivel Base & Castors, upholstered in a variety of hues for a playfully modern expression.

    Being the latest member of the Outline Sofa family, the Outline Highback Work is a light and elegant design for any workplace that provides both visual as well as acoustic shelter for its user. The Outline Highback Work has an elegant and refined architectural expression with a functional element, allowing for the user to retreat alone into a spatial shelter.

    Designed to accommodate the changing needs of a modern work-life, the Outline Highback Work has an integrated desk with a storage room alongside a cable outlet that can be added to the Outline Highback Work for easy power access.

    Creating flexible work zones to use throughout the workday, Thomas Bentzen's Loft Bar Stool combines industrial references and Scandinavian materiality. Here, the design is joined by the Base High Table for a hot desk area with a backdrop of Outline Chairs in Cognac Refine Leather.

    Want to explore more? Click here to discover our new Copenhagen HQ!

    part of the MillerKnoll Collective