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    Chiseling out a new iteration for the Cover family, Cover Bar Stool, designer Thomas Bentzen sought to create a seat of contrasts; grounded and robust while remaining elegant and light.
    “The Cover Bar Stool uses the tension between solid wood and molded plywood to create a stool that is at the same time light and robust. Ergonomics always drive my design process – there is no use in making a chair that doesn’t feel good to sit in. This time we have taken the elegantly embracing back of the Cover Armchair and adapted its distinct visual language to make an exceptionally comfortable bar seat,” says designer Thomas Bentzen of the newest addition to the Cover family.

    Embarking on the process of developing a missing piece in the Cover family to make a complete family of seating, Bentzen revisited one of his favorite materials, molded plywood. It is a key feature of Cover, formed to create an enveloping back, elegantly folding over the armrest – a slight variation on the Cover Armchair and Lounge Chair, all while honoring the original formal language.

    “It is pretty incredible that this tree goes from growing out in nature, a solid trunk that can endure all sorts of weather and wind. That one can cut it down and peel it into wafer thin sheets that can be close to 3D-molded. It allows me to take an idea to the very edge of what should be possible and I love that about it.”

    A new detail has been added to the stool, furthering the sense of comfort. The small dip in the back might be invisible to the naked eye, yet the body subconsciously reaps its benefits, as it allows one to sink more deeply into the seat.

    Cover Bar Stool’s design fulfills the designer’s aspiration to create something that is visually comprensible and simplistic, with an underlying complexity that emphasizes the user’s needs and comfort.

    The magic is in the subtle details that we do not think about or see. We feel these without knowing – the body experiences them

    “I like bar stools that foster trust – knowing that I can easily sit here for a while, lean back and forth, moving around to engage with whatever is happening. The frame should therefore feel and look solid, not frail, yet equally light and elegant. That is where the thin plywood comes in, shaping to the body of the user.”

    Cover Bar Stool is at ease in any setting with an elevated surface – the bar, restaurant, office and home alike. Fully manufactured in wood, it lends an unusual softness and warmth to hospitality and work environments.

    In so many ways, it completes the Cover family by offering a full specter of seating, a considered coherence across spatial typologies.

    "There is something fascinating about sitting at the bar or counter because you are an active part of what is happening in a different way than sitting at a table. Perhaps you can see the kitchen or the meticulous preparation of your food and drink, and talk to the people behind it.

    - My thought was that the Cover Bar Stool should feel more like a chair at the bar than a stool – a more comfortable seat that allows you to forget about time."

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