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    A New Perspective
    On Modern Storage

    Exploring the identity and possibilities of the Stacked Storage System, designed by Julien De Smedt. With its various sizes and finishes, the Stacked Modules can be arranged and rearranged to create the storage system that you’d like, whether it be as shelving setups, sideboards, bookcases or side tables. The design can easily be refreshed by playing around with the space between the modules or mounting the modules with backboard directly onto the wall. Here, we look at some of the extensive possibilities of the Stacked Storage System.

    Mix and match various colors and size of the Stacked Storage System for a vibrant, personal take on a modern shelving setup for books, homeware and other artefacts.

    On the design, Julien De Smedt says: “Design should always have a characteristic expression while serving an obvious function. I found that shelving systems often only fulfilled one of the two and from there grew the idea for Stacked. It prompted me to design a system of modules in three sizes that can be arranged and rearranged in any way you’d like, making for a unique storage solution. Stacked is a simple and efficient storage system that can be personalized to the needs of your home.”

    Using the Stacked Podium, you can create storage settings within the room, here in a simple configuration that echoes the simplicity and materiality of Scandinavian design while serving as a functional storage element and room divider at one and the same time.

    The Stacked Storage System makes a great addition to the modern home office with its simple lines, functional modules and configuration possibilities, allowing for the user to create a setup according to their exact needs.

    A Stacked configuration is never final and can always be rearranged or enriched with more modules. Choose from modules that are open, have backboards or with doors on their front. Place the modules directly on the floor or on a Stacked podium. Explore the possibilities of the Stacked Storage System by making your own configurations, using the Stacked Configurator here.

    Click here to find your nearest Muuto dealer to discover current campaigns on the Stacked Storage System.

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