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    Photo Essay

    Photo Essay

    by Benjamin

    At Muuto, we strive to create new perspectives on Scandinavian design. Pushing this notion forward is our Photo Essays—perceiving Scandinavian design through the individual lens and scope of photographers from across the world. For the fifth edition, Copenhagen-based photographer Benjamin Lund shares his perspectives on the interactions of materiality and organic shapes through various Muuto designs.

    Speaking on his approach to the photo essay for Muuto, Lund says: “I wanted to take the designs out of their usual indoor context and bring them outside to put them in a new perspective.” Photographing the designs in some of his favorite outdoor spaces in Copenhagen, Lund sought to bring a natural juxtaposition in the photos, transpiring between the designs and the spaces that they were placed in.

    In Lund’s photo essay, the location and sunlight had a big impact on the expression: “I included the sky and shadow play from the sun to emphasize the fact that the scenery was outside—the combination of the exterior with elements of metallic and concrete enhanced the raw yet calm visual environment that surrounded the designs.”

    Please click here to discover more of Benjamin Lund's work.

    To see more Muuto Photo essays, please click here to see Light Materiality by Matthew Johnson and here to see Clear Shadows by Tekla Evelina Severin.

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