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    new perspectives on scandinavian design

    we have built unique experiences adapted to your exact needs. Whether you want to learn more about Muuto, shop our designs or are an architect or designer looking for inspiration from our tailored toolbox.

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    Meet the designer

    Sylvain Willenz

    Sylvain Willenz is a Brussel-based designer creating furniture, lighting and products for a broad range of international clients since 2004. His award-winning practice centers on simple and straightforward design with great attention to the sublime detail. Emphasizing both craftsmanship and innovative techniques, Willenz works with quality and intelligent use of materials as guiding principles.
    Couple Coffee Table 80x84x40 1 Plain 1 Wavy in Pale Blue/Oak, Ridge Vase H16,5 cm in Beige, Raise Glasses in Clear
    Sylvain Willenz "The Couple Coffee Table was born out of my research into a traditional and essential piece of furniture — the coffee table. I wanted to come up with a new yet subtle take on its typical materials and typology. I was inspired by the materiality of fired earth like brick and terracotta, finding that a beautiful synergy occurs when it is combined with wood. I have always been drawn to texture and wanted Couple’s design to have an inherently tactile character produced by the grainy feel of the tile’s surface. The design allows you to choose between or combine tiles with a smooth surface or a soft wavy look. With these distinct materials, their finishes, and fine design details, Couple subtly merges a familiar piece of furniture with forward-thinking features.”​
    Couple Coffee Table 80x84x40 1 Plain 1 Wavy in Sand/Oak, Pebble Rug in Burnt Orange, Wrap Lounge Chair in Hero 732, Connect Soft Modular Sofa Ecriture 780
    • Couple Coffee Table 80x84x40 1 Plain 1 Wavy in Pale Blue/Oak, Relevo Rug 170x240 cm in Burnt Orange
    • Couple Coffee Table 120x84x35 2 Plain 1 Wavy in Taupe/Dark Oiled Oak, Pebble Rug in Pale Blue, Kink Vase in Dusty Lilac, In Situ Modular Sofa in Clay 12, Soft Side Table in Black/Smoked Oak
    • Connect Soft Modular Sofa 3-Seater Config. 1 Ecriture 780, Couple Coffee Table 80x84x40 in 1 Plain 1 Wavy Sand/Oak, Wrap Lounge Chair in Grey/Hero 732, Strand Pendant Ø60 cm, Echo Pouf in Vidar 542, Pebble Rug 170x240 in Burnt Orange

    Products by Designer

    Products by Designer

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