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    new perspectives on scandinavian design

    we have built unique experiences adapted to your exact needs. Whether you want to learn more about Muuto, shop our designs or are an architect or designer looking for inspiration from our tailored toolbox.

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    Meet the designers


    Normal Studio is a Paris-based design studio, founded in 2006 by Jean-François Dingjian and Eloi Chafaï. In their work, the duo attempts to promote elementary design that goes beyond trends and fads to create objects that will have a longstanding lifespan through timeless expressions. Designs by Normal Studio are part of the permanent collection of Paris’ Musée des Arts Décoratifs and featured in various contemporary art foundations throughout France.
    Flow Trolley 2-Layer in Blue-Grey Tub Jug
    On Their Design Philosophy Normal Studio We always work to promote elementary design. This means lesser attachment to the formal research of an object as compared to the tool that creates it, acting as the guiding star in the initial sketches for any project. Our approach has a deep attachment to the social and cultural values found within design, helping us creates timeless objects that go beyond trends.
    Flow Trolley 2-Layer in Blue-Grey, Tip Floor Lamp in Black, Outline Sofa 3-Seater in Vidar 723 w. Aluminum Base, Rhythm Throw in Dark Green
    Flow Trolley 3-Layer in Grey, Workshop Table in Oak/Warm Grey, Fiber Side Chair w. Swivel Base in Grey and Twill Weave 620, Story Pinboard, Linear Pendant

    On Scandinavian design:

    "At first glance, Scandinavian design stands opposed to our French roots yet when delving into the matter, one will notice that they share a deep admiration and respect for the individual object with its material and form."

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