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    new perspectives on scandinavian design

    we have built unique experiences adapted to your exact needs. Whether you want to learn more about Muuto, shop our designs or are an architect or designer looking for inspiration from our tailored toolbox.

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    Coffee Table
    Where refined materials meet
    Explore our new
    Brand Publication

    Linear Steel Table 220x90 cm in Pale Blue - Linear Steel Armchair in Pale Blue - Raise Carafe & Glasses in Burnt Orange
    Spring is here

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    Raise Glasses
    & Carafe

    Inviting playful everyday interaction
    with Raise Glasses & Carafe
    by Broberg & Ridderstråle

    Google Hardware Design Studio
    — The Playful Office

    Few observe what design can do for us more keenly than Google's Ivy Ross, VP of Design for Hardware Products, and Philip Battin, Head of their Hardware Design Studio.

    Here, they discuss the way we physically manifest the workplace in a post-pandemic time, and how to create an evocative space for work — one that feels just right.

    It starts with enduring designs
    Long-Lasting Products
    To us, sustainability starts with long-lasting designs with an enduring appeal, able to defy any temporary trend...
    We strive to use materials that help preserve nature’s resources and minimize the use of harmful chemicals...
    The air we breathe Indoors
    Healthier indoor climates
    The air we breathe inside, at home or at work, is equally as important as the air we breathe outside...
    Reasons to feel reassured
    Certificates & Eco Labels
    A growing number of our designs are certified and awarded eco labels, proving compliance with strict criteria...
    Our work internally
    Our Operations
    We are continuously evaluating and working to reduce our energy consumption and lower our carbon footprint...
    Our suppliers
    As we aim to take responsibility for our operations, we expect and demand the same from our suppliers…



    • Connect Soft Modular Sofa 3-Seater Config. 1 Ecriture 780, Couple Coffee Table 80x84x40 in 1 Plain 1 Wavy Sand/Oak, Wrap Lounge Chair in Grey/Hero 732, Strand Pendant Ø60 cm, Echo Pouf in Vidar 542, Pebble Rug 170x240 in Burnt Orange
    • In-Situ Modular Sofa Config. 4 in Clay 12, Pebble Rug 200x300 cm in Pale Blue, Couple Coffee Table 120x84x35 cm 2 Plain 1 Wavy in Taupe/Dark Oiled Oak, Leaf Floor Lamp in Dark Green, Ease Portable Lamp in Black, Soft Side Table in Dark Stained Brown/Black, Wrap Lounge Chair in Sabi 151/Black, Kink Vase in Dusty Lilac
    • Couple Coffee Table 80x84x40 1 Plain 1 Wavy in Pale Blue/Oak, Relevo Rug 170x240 cm in Burnt Orange
    • Wrap Lounge Chair in Hero 732/Grey & Fiord 451/Grey, Couple Coffee Table 40x84x40 Wavy in Sand/Oak, Ease Portable Lamp in Grey, Echo Pouf in Vidar 542, Strand Pendant in Ø60 cm, Ply Rug in Burnt Orange 200x300 cm, Ridge Vase in White
    • Couple Coffee Table 80x84x40 1 Plain 1 Wavy in Pale Blue/Oak, Ridge Vase H16,5 cm in Beige, Raise Glasses in Clear
    • Wrap Lounge Chair in Ecriture 240/Grey, Workshop Coffee Table in Warm Grey Linoleum/Oak, Raise Glass in Burnt Orange, Pebble Rug in Brown Green 170x240 cm, Stacked Storage System in Oak
    • Dots Wood Ø9 cm in Sage Green and Dusty Green, Framed Mirror in Dark Green, Mini Stacked Small, Ease Portable Lamp in Black, Loft Chair in Deep Red, Ply Rug in Black/White
    • Connect Soft Corner Config. 2 Ecriture 910 - Relevo Rug Burnt Orange 170x240 cm - Around Coffee Table Light Blue - Strand Pendant Ø60
    • Top Pendant Lamp Ø21 in Grey - Tub Jug, Linear Steel Bench 110 cm in Pale Blue - Raise Glasses
    • Relevo Rug 170x240 in Sage Green - In Situ Sofa 3-Seater Config. 8 in Vidar 693 - Strand Pendant Lamp Ø80 - Soft Side Table in Off-White - Kink Vase
    • Linear Steel Table 220x90 cm in Pale Blue - Linear Steel Armchair Pale Blue - Raise Carafe & Glass in Burnt Orange
    • Top Pendant Lamp in Deep Red Ø38 - Workshop Table 140 cm in Warm Grey Linoleum - Nerd Chair in Green - Kink Vase in Sand
    • Dots Wood Sage Green, Light Blue, Burnt Orange & Brown Green
    • Attach Coat Hook Pale Blue, Burnt Orange, and Aluminum
    • Linear Steel Table 220x90 cm in Grey - Linear Steel Bench 170 cm in Grey - Linear Steel Side Chair Grey - Raise Glasses & Carafe in Dark Blue
    • Linear System Screen in Oak/Hero 981 - Linear System Table in Oak - Arrange Desktop Series in Grey
    • Linear Steel Table in 200 cm - Linear Steel Armchair in Black - Raise Carafe & Glasses in Burnt Orange
    • Around Table L in Ash
    • Cover Armchair in Dark Beige/Refine Leather Stone - 70/70 Table in Sand/Solid Oak 255x108 cm - Strand Pendant Ø45 - Kink Vase in Dusty Lilac - Flow Trolley - Dots in Aluminum
    • Cover Armchair in Dark Beige /Refine Leather Stone - 70/70 Table in Solid Oak - Corky Carafe & Glasses
    • Piton Portable Lamp in Black
    • Cover Lounge Chair in Midnight Blue -  Soft Side Table H:40 45x45 cm in Off-White/Solid Oak - Enfold Low in Grey - Echo Pouf 42x62 cm in Divina 224
    • Workshop Chair in Oak - Raise Glass in Clear
    • Sketch Toolbox in Midnight Blue - Raise Glass in Clear
    • Outline Sofa 3 1/2-Seater in Fiord 721 - Oslo Lounge Chair in Ocean 50 w. Black Swivel Base - Strand Pendant Ø60 Closed - Echo Pouf 62x42 in Divina 224 - Soft Side Table in Off-White & Smoked Oak/Black - Pebble Rug in Light Grey
    • Oslo Lounge Chair w. Grey Swivel Base in Colline 737 - Pull Lamp - Workshop Coffee Table in Oak - Pebble Rug in Pale Rose









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