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    A Sustainable Perspective

    We strive to create designs that are long-lasting in their expression and quality, allowing for them to be used for many years into the future. As part of this emphasis, continuous testing is at the heart of our design and development process to ensure high levels of quality. All Muuto furniture is produced in Europe and North America to underline this focus.

    Being a design-centric company, aesthetic longevity serves as a guiding principle in our design process, meaning that we seek to create designs that have an individual character while being visually relevant for a long time, shying away from the influences of fast-moving trends.


    For high levels of strength and stability, we test our products to the North American ANSI/BIFMA test, recognized as one of the most demanding in our industry, and the European EN tests. This makes for extensive strength and stability that will allow for our products to be used for many years into the future.

    Click here to get an overview of our BIFMA-tested products. 

    Adding to that, we have comprehensive requirements for our suppliers, covering both legislative requirements as well as contract market demands within chemicals, quality and safety.


    Labels & Certificates

    We want to verify our products to high environmental standards.

    Muuto participates in Declare with an extensive selection of furniture being Living Building Challenge Compliant. Declare examines the origin and ingredient report of each product.

    Click here for an overview of our Declare-tested products.

    Find more info on Declare here.

    A number of Muuto furniture designs are Global GreenTag Level C-certified. Find more info on GreenTag here.

    95% of all textiles used in our upholstered products hold the EU Ecolabel, a label of environmental excellence awarded to products that meet high environmental standards throughout their lifecycle. Find more on the EU Ecolabel here.

    A large number of our furniture and accessories designs have the EAC Declaration of Conformity to Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union.


    We seek to work with innovative materials that have an environmental upside to them. Amongst others, this can be seen in:
    — The Arrange Desktop Series with its trays made in 100% recycled plastic
    — The Under The Bell Pendant Lamp and Restore Storage Series made using recycled plastic bottle fibers
    — The Fiber Chair Series, made in a recyclable composite with up to 25% wood fibers.

    Muuto is an FSC™-certified company (FSC C028824). FSC™ stands for Forest Stewardship Council™ and confirms that a forest is managed in an environmentally responsible manner to preserve the biodiversity in the given area. Look for our FSC™-certified products on this website. 

    Our products in wood are predominantly produced by FSC™-certified suppliers and in accordance with the EU Timber Regulation of 2013.

    We use water-based glue for the majority of our products. Oeko-Tex foam is used for a large part of our furniture designs.


    All Muuto brown box packaging, used for all our furniture products, is made from at least 65% recycled material. Our retail shopping bags are made from at least 90% recycled material. We have initiated the discontinuing of the use of Styrofoam in all packaging. Adding to that, we have also begun the process of replacing plastic bags in packaging with either reusable dust bags or paper bags.

    The Fiber Chair Take-Back Initiative

    We strive to extend the lifecycle of our designs and the materials from which they are made to the furthest extent possible. As part of this emphasis is our Fiber Chair Take-Back Initiative, recycling the raw material from the shell of the Fiber Chair into new Fiber designs. All you have to do is to send your Fiber Chairs to our Danish warehouse. From there, we will disassemble them appropriately and grind the shells down into a granulate from which new Fiber Chair shells will be molded. Reach out to fibertakeback@muuto.com for more information.


    We want to ensure that our products contribute towards healthier indoor climates.


    When a physical object is placed within a room, it will emit a certain degree of its matter. At Muuto, we want to ensure that our products emit low levels to contribute to healthier indoor climates. As part of this emphasis, a large majority of our furniture is VOC-tested, ensuring that the level of volatile organic compounds emitted from them are within acceptable thresholds, contributing to healthier indoor climates. 


    95% of all textiles used in our upholstered products hold the Greenguard Gold-certificate, verifying that their chemical and particle emissions fall within acceptable indoor air-quality thresholds.

    Click here for an overview of our VOC-tested products.


    We want to secure that our products are socially responsible, both in the ways that they are produced alongside contributing to safe environments, whether at home, in the workplace, in hospitality settings or any public spaces.


    All Muuto manufacturers have signed our Code of Conduct, adhering to the UN principles of human rights, anticorruption and non-use of child labor.

    The Aiayu for Muuto collection is produced in La Paz, Bolivia at a factory that holds the WRAP-certification, producing under lawful, human and ethical conditions. The factory cleans 100% of its water post-production while reusing 75% of it. The factory also provides health insurance, pension plans, paid vacations and double pay for overtime work.


    It is important for us to comply with specific national standards in the markets that we operate.

    Beyond complying with standard regulations in our main markets, we also fire-test our upholstered products for regions and countries with specific requirements, including California in the US, the United Kingdom and Italy, allowing for our products to contribute to safe environments.

    Water-Based Lacquer

    Our water-based lacquer is an environmentally-friendly substitute for oil-based lacquers. It emits less VOCs than PUR lacquers for better working conditions.

    Muuto Spaces

    Our HQ and Ringsted Warehouse both run entirely on renewable energy.