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    new perspectives on scandinavian design

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    new perspectives on scandinavian design

    We have tailormade experiences to create the best possible brand experience, a strong professional's toolbox for architechts and designers, as well as a dedicated platform for partners.

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    Our Sustainable Perspectives

    At Muuto, we aim to take responsibility for our operations and reflect on the choices we make and how our priorities affect the wellbeing of people and the environment. From the materials we select to the partners we work with, the independent institutes we test and certify our products through, and all the way down to our packaging.

    Our approach is based on knowledge and staying curious. With each new advancement in the field and as new research emerge, we keep searching for new perspectives on sustainability across all our operations. Listening. Learning. And improving.  

    It starts with enduring designs
    ""Long-Lasting Products""
    To us, sustainability starts with long-lasting designs with an enduring appeal, able to defy any temporary trend...
    We strive to use materials that help preserve nature’s resources and minimize the use of harmful chemicals...
    The air we breathe Indoors
    ""Healthier indoor climates""
    The air we breathe inside, at home or at work, is equally as important as the air we breathe outside...
    Reasons to feel reassured
    ""Certificates & Eco Labels""
    A growing number of our designs are certified and awarded eco labels, proving compliance with strict criteria...
    Our work internally
    ""Our Operations""
    We are continuously evaluating and working to reduce our energy consumption and lower our carbon footprint...
    ""Our suppliers""
    As we aim to take responsibility for our operations, we expect and demand the same from our suppliers…
    Part of the MillerKnoll Collective