ANDERSSEN & VOLL ON THE DESIGN “Inspired by the Nordic tradition of cosy candlelight, Float is an elegant candlestick named for its sense of floating across the table. Its aesthetic shape was designed to give space and significance to the candle. Float candlesticks work well in groups, combing several colours to spread warm atmosphere in any room”. MATERIAL cast aluminium COLOR OPTIONS sand, light green, yellow, tangerine, anthracite DIMENSIONS length 15 cm, width 11,4, height 2,6
PRICE € 35/ £ 32 / DKK 249/ SEK 299/ NOK 275/ CHF 45 / USD 50
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ANDERSSEN & VOLL are two thirds of the former Norway Says and among the most prominent and successful Norwegian designers. They have formerly been named both Norwegian and Scandinavian designers of the year in Norway and have received International awards and recognition for their work with furniture, lighting and home accessories.

A good product builds and expands on tradition but at the same time, it breaks with tradition. Change and elements of surprise stimulates thought and reflection – even for people who are not very interested in design and even if the change is not radical. That tiny second of reflection is the window of opportunity where we can communicate with the users and that is what we are looking for.

New Nordic isn’t merely a slogan or a description of the collection. It’s a commitment by Muuto to let the brand grow dynamically with the emerging ideas and concerns of young Nordic designers. The term also functions as an invitation, a challenge and a motivation to us as designers.

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